Vodafone partners with Opera Software

Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, in partnership with Opera Software, is all set to bring web pass services to its customers in India.

The launch of Opera Web Pass is in line with Vodafone’s strategy to democratize data to drive adoption and usage throughout the country. It will encourage new users to get online using their mobile devices and also help increase data usage among the existing users.

Millions of Indians are already using mobile data on their phones: browsing the web, sharing pictures, being social, reading email and more. Yet there are still a considerable number who are extremely cautious about consuming data from their mobile devices. One of the biggest barriers to starting to use mobile internet is often a confusing, multi-step, time-consuming and error-prone process of subscribing to a data plan. This is exactly where Opera Web Pass comes in handy.

Opera Web Pass will allow Vodafone to package internet access in an easy-to-understand and affordable way. It enables Vodafone to replace complex, KB/MB-based data plans with time-based or content-based web-pass packages. For example, users can pay to browse social-networking sites for a day or an hour, rather than having to keep track of the MBs they have consumed. This is a straightforward, controllable process similar to the way users buy apps today.

Speaking about the initiative, Vivek Mathur, chief commercial officer, Vodafone India said, “Mobile internet has immense growth potential, and we are looking to play an integral part of this opportunity. Anticipating the need for customized offers in mobile internet, we have partnered with Opera Software. This services enables our customers to buy small ticket, duration based packs to suit their requirements.”

“Opera and Vodafone have a long and positive history. Vodafone’s customers in a number of countries, including India, consume mobile data by surfing with a customized Opera Mini browser. We are glad to strengthen this partnership and continue our work towards bringing the next billion users online,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

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