Vodafone and SoftBank to deploy Ericsson Radio Dot system

Vodafone and SoftBank has announced plans to deploy Ericsson Radio Dot System, the innovative new indoor small cell solution from Ericsson.

Vodafone has signed on as a lead customer for the Ericsson Radio Dot System whereas SoftBank will trial the Ericsson Radio Dot system to improve the user experience in the face of increasing demand for indoor coverage and capacity for its mobile network.

The Ericsson Radio Dot system is designed to extend Vodafone’s 3G and LTE mobile broadband network capacity into enterprise buildings to deliver a high-performance mobile broadband experience to Vodafone customers.

The system fully integrates with the outdoor WCDMA and LTE networks, supported on one dot, allowing the operator to ensure the delivery of consistent high performance voice and data coverage and capacity for the broadest range of enterprise buildings and public venues, including the underserved, high growth, medium-to-large building and venue category.

Valter D Avino, head, Ericsson Region Western and Central Europe said, “As a strategic network supplier, Ericsson will work closely with Vodafone to expand their opportunities in the enterprise market with the Ericsson Radio Dot system. The system is a key differentiator of Ericsson’s mobile enterprise strategy to empower mobile and converged operators to deliver integrated cloud, connectivity and communications as-a-service to their enterprise customers.”

Junichi Miyakawa, executive vice president, director and CTO, SoftBank Mobile said, “This trial using Ericsson Dot system, with a purpose of materializing highly connectable indoor mobile broadband, has great potential for our consumers. It combines a revolutionary antenna architecture and sleek design, which give us installation flexibility in a broad range of deployment scenarios.”

Ericsson Radio Dot system is compact and offers flexible mounting. It introduces a revolutionary antenna element, or ‘Dot’, which delivers mobile broadband access to users. Dots are connected and powered via standard internet LAN cables (Category 5/6/7) to indoor radio units that link to a base station.

The Ericsson Radio Dot system leverages the same industry-leading features found in Ericsson’s macro base station, including Carrier Aggregation and Combined Cell for WCDMA and LTE. Deployments and upgrades are simple, addressing growing capacity and coverage requirements.

The user experience is consistent wherever they go and the indoor network evolves in lockstep with the outdoor network. Ericsson Radio Dot System also supports integration with Ericsson’s carrier Wi-Fi portfolio enabling features such as real-time traffic steering to ensure the best user experience across both Wi-Fi and 3GPP networks.

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