Virgin Mobile Australia deploys CSGi’s Singleview

Virgin Mobile Australia has expanded its use of CSG Singleview to improve the customer experience and meet changing regulatory standards.

CSG’s partnership with Virgin Mobile spans more than 12 years. During that time, Singleview has scaled seamlessly in line with Virgin Mobile’s growth in the Australian market.

“CSG Singleview is the core of our billing operations,” said Graham Milne, director of Technology and Delivery, Virgin Mobile Australia.

Singleview delivers exceptional flexibility and allows us to develop new services quickly in a highly competitive market added Milne.

New capabilities supported by CSG Singleview allow Virgin Mobile customers to view and manage account balances accurately. This empowers customers to control their credit limits and provides them with usage notifications that help avoid bill shock caused by higher-than-expected voice and data usage.

“Virgin Mobile’s enhancement of Singleview is focused on improving their already impressive customer experience,” said Ian Watterson, vice president and managing director, Asia-Pacific for CSG International.

“Virgin Mobile’s customers are now in full control of their spend, allowing them to avoid exceeding their voice and data limits through market-leading anti-bill-shock features,” added Watterson.

The solution also enables Virgin Mobile to remain in full compliance with Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) standards.

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