Viber launches Windows 8 version

Viber announced today the launch of Viber on Windows 8, bringing the leading messaging and VoIP platform to tablet and desktop devices running the latest Windows OS.

The new version has been designed from the ground-up for Windows 8, bringing the app in line with the unique designed language of the platform.

Importantly, the app includes several Windows 8 only features like: Pin Viber conversations to the Start screen; Snap Viber to the side of the screen with Snap View;  Search for Viber contacts using the Search charm; Windows 8 Toast Notifications guarantee that you never miss a message or call; Change languages regardless of your system language; and Viber messaging, free calls, stickers, and seamless integration and call transfers between mobile and desktop versions of Viber.

“This is the natural next step for Viber following our support for Windows Phone 8, bringing a fully compatible and custom designed version of Viber to Microsoft’s touch-friendly OS,” said Talmon Marco, CEO, Viber.

“Windows 8 is an exciting platform to develop for, and brings a whole new set of UI elements and unique functionality to Viber for the first time. We are excited to support Viber users on Windows 8 and this is part of our commitment to wide, cross platform availability,” added Marco.

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