US Cellular expands 4G LTE in five states

US Cellular has expanded its 4G LTE in five states including Madison, Portland, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and North Carolina.

As part of the latest expansion, Ericsson provided the 4G LTE access network and expanded capacity to support US Cellular’s markets. This includes 4G LTE base stations (eNodeB’s), using Ericsson’s RBS 6000 multi-standard base station. Ericsson also provided network implementation services.

“With Ericsson’s help, we were able to successfully expand the 4G LTE network to support the launch of Apple devices,” sid Michael Irizarry, executive vice president and chief technology officer, US Cellular.

“By coupling the latest cutting-edge devices with the most advanced mobile network, we are able to give customers the best mobile experience available,” added Irizarry.

The rollout represents a new mobile broadband and services deployment contract for Ericsson with US Cellular. Previously, the company deployed eNodeB, Mobile Management Entities (MME’s) and Operations and Support Systems (OSS) in the company’s first two waves of the 4G LTE rollout.

“We are pleased to support US Cellular in this expansion of the 4G LTE network,” said Thomas Noren, vice president and head of Product Area Radio, Ericsson.

“LTE networks provide a superior user experience when it comes to stability, speed and latency. The increased capacity will bring new enhanced services to US Cellular customers,” added Noren.

Today, 50 percent of the world’s LTE smartphone traffic is served by Ericsson networks, more than double the traffic of the closest competitor. Of the more than 180 LTE RAN and Evolved Packet Core networks that Ericsson has delivered globally, more than 110 have gone live commercially.

Ericsson is present today in all high-traffic LTE markets including the US, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Canada, and has been selected by the top 10 LTE operators, ranked in terms of worldwide LTE subscriptions.

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