Update On Freedom 251 Smartphone Maker Ringing Bells

You remember Ringing Bells, the maker of Freedom 251 mobile, then touted as the world’s cheapest smartphone? Well, yesterday, the company’s former Managing Director, Mohit Goel was detained by the UP Police in a case of alleged fraud.

A Ghaziabad based company, Ayam Enterprises, had filed a case against Ringing Bells alleging the later has defrauded it for Rs 16 lakh. Goel has been detained by the Ghaziabad police for interrogation.

According to reports Ayam Enterprise had paied Rs 30 lakh to Ringing Bells to take dealership of its Freedom 251 smartphone, which were priced at Rs 251 per piece. The smartphone company, however, had provided it goods worth Rs 14 lakh and the Rs 16 lakh are, neither returned nor any products supplied for that value.

TeleAnalysis, on 15 December, had reported that the company has shut its business and its founders have opened another company with a new name – MDM Electronics Pvt. Ltd. We had also reported then that its founders are quitting the company one by one, indicating a gradual move to shut the company.

Ringing Bells, however, had refuted the story and said the firm, though opened another company, is in place and one Anmol Goel is looking after it.

We had then reported how the company is fooling people and why their statement can not be taken seriously. At present, the company does not have any office or any employee. The only people associated with this company are the founders – Mohit Goel, Anmol Goel, Ashok Chaddha and Bhavna Goel. Bhavna Goel was the CEO of the company and the first one to quit the dubious firm.

At present, as per MCA records, the company has two directors – Anmol Goel and Disha Rana who came on board as recent as December last year.

The company had claimed that it has delivered 70,000 smartphones under the Freedom 251 brand but it was far from truth, and it might have sold only few hundreds of such devices.

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