TTNET to use Alcatel-Lucent’s analytics solution

TTNET, the leading broadband service provider in Turkey plans to deploy Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Data Management Platform to help improve the performance of communication devices in customers’ homes.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Data Management Platform tracks performance of communications devices in home use to allow TTNET to proactively troubleshoot network and performance issues.

Using data gathered by the Motive platform, TTNET’s operation and customer service teams will be able to proactively manage how their network and devices using the network perform, ensuring a better overall broadband and IPTV experience for TTNET customers.

TTNET has been benefiting from Alcatel-Lucent’s portfolio of Motive Customer Experience Solutions for several years, which has helped support significant improvements to the care and support functions dedicated to its more than six million broadband customers.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Data Management Platform (DMP) adds in analytics capabilities while keeping the operator’s capital expenditure at optimal levels. The addition of DMP to TTNET’s toolkit provides a better understanding of the customer experience by linking data from the devices to existing tools designed to help customers with self-service capabilities.

TTNET currently uses Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive ServiceView and Motive Home Device Manager suite to enable help desk representatives to work more directly with customers and resolve issues more efficiently.

Şahin Şen, chief technology officer, TTNET said, “As TTNET we put a lot of effort in delivering a superior customer experience. Today, maintaining a high level of help desk performance means having a detailed understanding of how the connected devices in our network are performing. Based on our experience with the Motive ServiceView for Home solutions we knew that Alcatel-Lucent could help us to improve customer service through device data technology which will help us to continue to distinguish our performance in the marketplace.”

Luis Martinez-Amago, president, Alcatel-Lucent Europe, Middle East & Africa said, “We are very pleased that TTNET has decided to expand its customer experience management capabilities with the addition of Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Data Management product. To maintain its leadership position as the largest Internet service provider in Turkey, TTNET needs the best solutions available to care for the needs of their customers.”

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