TIM signs femtocell deal with Alcatel-Lucent

As part of its innovation strategy focused on quality, TIM has signed an agreement with Alcatel-Lucent to deloy femtocells to its 3G network.

Over a three-year period, TIM Brazil will make use of Alcatel-Lucent’s Enterprise Cell 9362, Homecell 9361, and Metrocell Outdoor 9364 to help in the delivery of a cost effective solution to improve coverage and capacity for subscribers.

The project will be expanded as part of the network’s overall infrastructure. Femtocells won’t replace the traditional RBSs (Radio Base Stations) due to limited capacity and potency, but they have already flared-up around the world as an alternative to support coverage in areas with high traffic density, offering good service levels for clients and low environmental impacts.

“TIM will make significant investments in femtocells by 2016. The TIM network overview is diversified, as part of our strategy to increasingly invest in this type of technology. The agreement signed with Alcatel-Lucent will allow us to provide such cutting-edge technology for our clients, in a very competitive and efficient manner,” said Daniel Hermeto, director, Supplies and Supply Chain, TIM Brasil.

“An etherogeneous cellular network means adding a femtocell layer (indoor use) and small cell layer (micro- and pico-cells for outdoor or indoor use) to the traditional macro-cellular layer. This technology is already mature around the world. TIM is pioneering in Brasil the use of such technology to enhance and strengthen its network infrastructure,” said Marco Di Costanzo, diector, Mobile Network Director, TIM Brasil.

“Our technology is mature and market-ready, and along with our intense focus, we are uniquely qualified to help TIM further achieve their goal of delivering an enhanced customer experience that is second to none. In addition, providing small cells technology to TIM Brazil is a proofpoint of our application of The Shift Plan, the industrial strategy to reposition the company as a specialist vendor of IP Networking and Ultra-Broadband Access technologies,” said Luiz Tonisi, vice president, Sales, Alcatel-Lucent Brazil.

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