Telit Wireless for taxi metering and fare payment

Telit Wireless Solutions and Cabcharge Australia today announced that Telit’s HE910 Series 3G cellular and Jupiter SL869 satellite positioning receiver modules would be used for taxi metering and fare payments.

Cabcharge’s Fareway Plus, an innovative and powerful payment and application platform developed to meet the stringent requirements and rigors of the taxi industry in the Australian and global markets.

Cabcharge is to apply the Fareway Plus platform for Taxi metering and fare payments in Australian taxis. Along with support to the new and emerging Near Field Communication (NFC) card processing technology the platform also provides detailed information about the fare including travel routes, automated toll calculation and addition to meter fare, online and offline processing of payments and receipt printing, making it a world-leading device in its class.

The product is based on an ARM Cortex – A8 processor capable of hosting Linux or Android as operating system. Fareway Plus is a multi-application system with or without the Android. The system supports download of operating systems, applications, configuration, and debugging services over the air, so that vehicles on the road are not required to come into service depots for these essential updates.

The HE910 module integrated into the Fareway Plus is a member of Telit’s flagship xE910 family, a compact 28.2×28.2×2.2 mm LGA form factor. The xE910 comprises 2G, 3G and 4G products in GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE and CDMA/EV-DO technologies, all sharing a common form factor as well as electrical and programming interfaces which allow developers like Cabcharge to implement a “design once, use anywhere” strategy. The xE910 family is also available with optional m2mAIR global mobile connectivity.

The other Telit component in Fareway Plus is the Jupiter SL869, a multi-constellation positioning receiver module featuring dead-reckoning and TRAIM support for enhanced navigation, tracking and timing applications. The SL869 also offers seamless integration with Telit cellular modules like the HE910. The xL869 is Telit’s GNSS unified form factor family which allows customers to select models supporting different feature sets and positioning technologies.

“Cabcharge relies on Telit to provide reliable communications and positioning for our Fareway Plus platform, ensuring maximum up-time and performance for the vast geographic and demographic environment within Australia,” Peter Kelly, engineering manager, Cabcharge Australia.

“Fareway Plus is the second generation of Cabcharge products to rely on Telit devices. We chose Telit’s HE910 cellular module and the SL869 GPS receiver because they allow us to move with market trends without falling behind thanks to the Telit roadmap and the consistent footprint of their devices,” added Kelly.

“Cabcharge’s new generation Fareway Plus is a testimonial to the value of Telit’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP,” said Felix Marchal, chief product officer, Telit Wireless Solutions.

“With the integration of Telit products for both cellular and positioning functionalities Cabcharge was able to reduce application design effort and therefore time-to-market,” added Marchal.

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