Telenor Norway has 400,000 active 4G LTE users

Telenor Norway has 400,000 active 4G LTE users within one year of its launch of service in Norway.

The 4G network has been greatly expanded, speeds have been increased, and the customer experience has been strengthened. Telenor has in excess of 45 percent population coverage on 4G and this figure will increase to 50 per cent during the course of the year. By 2015, nine out of ten Norwegians will have blazing fast 4G coverage in their homes.

“Telenor has 400,000 active 4G users on our network and, according to a recent survey, they enjoy significantly better mobile experiences than those who only use 3G,” said Berit Svendsen, CEO of Telenor Norway.

“A 4G customer downloads three to five times more megabytes using their mobile on a monthly basis than a 3G user, so there’s no doubt that people are enjoying the speed. Feedback from our customers confirms that the combination of 4G mobiles and a 4G network provides a completely new and improved surfing experience. This motivates us to continue our heavy investment in 4G,” said Berit Svendsen.

Svendsen emphasises that Telenor customers enjoy the market’s best surfing experience and thanks to Telenor’s upgrades customers can receive up to 42 Mbps through 4G LTE network.

“Telenor is the market leader in coverage and speed, which is why this year we are bringing into operation 2,000 new base stations on 3G and 4G network – the rate is 12 new base stations per day,” said Berit Svendsen.

To take advantage of 4G and to receive the highest speeds via 3G, you need a mobile phone that supports 4G, which most newer smartphones do. Telenor is the only operator to offer 4G support for the iPhone 5 in the largest Norwegian cities.

With 4G from Telenor you can download 10-15 songs as quickly as it used to take to download one song. For businesses, 4G means that it is possible to work efficiently even when on the go.

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