Telenor Norway deploys Huawei’s LampSite solution

Telenor has deployed Huawei’s LampSite indoor small cell solution to enhance in-building mobile network coverage in the company’s corporate headquarters in Oslo.

The deployment marks an important milestone for significantly accelerating large-scale LTE development in Norway, and is the first time Huawei’s LampSite solution for LTE has been launched on a live network.

Industry estimates state that about 90 percent of data traffic is generated indoors, especially in “hot zone” environment like office buildings and shopping malls where the deployment environment creates complex challenges to providing comprehensive indoor coverage.

Huawei’s LampSite solution provides targeted indoor coverage performance enhancements to provide a better mobile broadband experience, increase business productivity for enterprises, and cultivate development of new data services and new subscribers. The solution is designed to be more scalable, flexible, as well as easier to deploy and manage compared to traditional distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions.

The LampSite system provides comprehensive in-building mobile network coverage with an array of small ceiling-mounted radio access units (pico Remote Radio Units or “pRRU”) installed on every floor of an office building.

The solution supports multiple modes and bands, multiple-input multiple output (MIMO) transmissions, and provides higher spectrum efficiency to realize a seamless service experience indoors and outdoors. The result for operators is long-term gains with a one-time site deployment and investment.

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