Telefonica launches Universal Wi-Fi

Telefonica Global Solutions announces the launch of a new service, Universal Wi-Fi, specifically aimed at the multinational and enterprise market segment, and representing an important service extension to existing comprehensive Managed Mobility portfolio.

The service recognises the need to further support and enable efficient, productive and collaborative work seamlessly across country borders for our enterprise and multinational customers.

The new service delivers significant positive benefits to this important customer segment, whilst simultaneously removing existing complex connectivity processes to Wi-Fi hotspots globally.

Multinational and Enterprise customers will benefit and be able to: Reduce costs; Data represents a large mobile cost for multinational corporations; Freedom to work anytime and any place; hotels, airports lounges, restaurants, on the move; Achieve enhanced control; achieve a fixed cost per account with multiple devices; Experience simplicity; single sign on, no hassle; and In flight Internet at no extra cost.

The total managed Wi-fi network with our partnerships including iPass, DTAG, Swisscom reaches more than 1.3 million hotspots across 110 countries.

Jose L Gamo, CEO, Multinationals Business Unit, Telefonica Global Solutions said, “The launch of Universal Wi-Fi is designed to support our multinational and corporate customers increasing data usage with an excellent user experience and fixed data costs.”

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