Telecom New Zealand to launch 4G LTE

Telecom New Zealand will launch 4G across parts of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch tonight.

The company plans to strengthen its high-quality mobile experience to business clients and consumers through its national Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks.

Telecom New Zealand announced last month that access to its 4G network would be free for customers with 4G-capable devices – in recognition that the faster data speeds available on this new technology will quickly become the “new normal” for New Zealanders, who have embraced smart devices in large numbers. It is also the first carrier in New Zealand to make 4G available to its prepaid customers, who will be able to access the faster network for no extra cost.

When it comes to using the 4G network, the customers can focus on video calls, streaming music and videos and uploadinf big files to the cloud.

The company plans to leverage the national Wi-Fi network with 750 hotspots and the company has also increased the data allowances on its ultra mobile plans.

Tim Miles, CEO, Gen-i said, “While 4G will help feed growing demand for new applications that leverage 4G speeds, it’s the integration of 3G, 4G, fiber and Wi-Fi into a single platform for mobility, backed by Telecom’s high speed core fibre network, that will deliver a superior overall experience for Gen-i clients and their customers.”

“Gen-i’s cloud and mobility services directly connected to our communications networks and datacentres will really bring the benefits of 4G to life for our clients, and it’s our ability to deliver these services over a single platform for mobility that will make them quick, easy and cost effective for our clients to consume. Our Wi-Fi network is a big part of this, as Wi-Fi handover makes for a more cost-effective and consistent mobility experience in more places – complementing and enhancing our growing 4G coverage,” commented Miles.

“Our investments across both network infrastructure and innovative new cloud services will ultimately help our clients to create more flexible working environments, increase productivity and provide their employees and customers with easy ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to information and applications,” added Miles.

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