Telecom New Zealand to launch 4G in mid November

Telecom New Zealand announced today that its 4G network will launch on 12 November in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The 4G services will be available to both prepaid and postpaid monthly customers at no additional cost on Telecom’s current plans.

Telecom New Zealand introduced a new-look retail brand, featuring the Telecom ‘spark’ in a range of new colours, in addition to the traditional blue.

Telecom Retail chief executive Chris Quin said, “Offering a free upgrade to 4G is yet another way that telecom is transforming how people use their smartphones. Whether they are shopping online, streaming music or making stutter-free video calls to family and friends. 4G will allow our customers to do a whole lot more, a whole lot faster on their mobile devices.”

“We want to encourage our customers to use their data freely on 4G, to truly explore and experience what the network has to offer them. So to give them more peace of mind we’ve launched our new Ultra Mobile ‘4G-ready’ plans, which include plans with higher data caps,” added Quin.

To access 4G, customers will need to be in a coverage area, to own a 4G-capable phone that has been enabled to work on the Telecom mobile network, and to upgrade to a 4G SIM card.

“Our brand refresh is about far more than a colour change. It’s about bringing a completely new tone to how we communicate with and what we offer our customers. We want to inspire them to get off the sideline and join in; to give them the confidence and ability to do more with technology – to use it, to discover, create and play through it,” added Quin.

Telecom’s chief operating officer David Havercroft said 4G services will use LTE technology over the 1800 MHz spectrum band.

“The network build has progressed extremely well, with promising results from testing and excellent collaboration between vendors Huawei, Cisco and Ericsson, in conjunction with existing 3G network technology provider Alcatel-Lucent

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