Telecom Italia to invest Euro 16 billion

Telecom Italia plans to invest Euro 16 billion in three years as per 2013-2015 Three-year Strategic Plan.

In the domestic market, Telecom Italia expects to achieve efficiencies of around Euro 200 million.

The Strategic Plan focuses on fixed and mobile ultra broadband (UBB) investments in Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

The updated three-year 2013-2015 plan is focused primarily on technology as the strategic goal of the Group is to further develop its networks.

In Italy, the focus will be on network, network optimization and investment in convergence. The company is planning to increase investment in fixed and mobile UBB. Telecom Italia will also focus on increased cross-selling and convergenc and development of more effective loyalty programmes.

In Brazil, our customer base continues to grow in part due to fixed/mobile replacement. Here, the focus is to play a leading role in the diffusion of Internet and  exploiting the high penetration potential of broadband mobile. At the same time, we remain in line with Anatel targets for increasing the quality of our network.

In Argentina, we continue to invest in mobile, where we already have a leadership position, but we must focus our efforts on obtaining better results in the fixed-line market. The focus is to increase our market share with adhoc offerings, increase network capacity and correct capex allocation.

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