Telecable chooses Cisco for mobile Internet

Telecable, one of the main cable operators in Spain, is using Cisco technology to evolve its mobile Internet networks adopting Wi-Fi services to provide customers with an optimised user experience and allowing convergence with 4G LTE.

The Cisco Next Generation Internet Architecture selected includes Cisco Service Provider Wi-Fi and Cisco Aggregated Services Router (ASR) 5000 solutions, enabling Telecable to offer the widest range of services over Wi-Fi networks (allowing for the convergence with 3G and 4G LTE), and providing customers access to mobile broadband services via any technology, anywhere and on any device, and generating new business opportunities.

Telecable has chosen the Cisco SP Wi-Fi solution to deploy a robust ‘core’ Wi-Fi network in Asturias, extending the mobile data service that previously was only available through the cellular network. Telecable will use the Cisco solution to offload data traffic from the cellular network to the Wi-Fi network whenever the user wants. This additional capacity will allow Telecable to offer customers high-speed access over Asturias region and a better user experience.

The company has also set up the Cisco ASR 5000 platform as a GGSN/P-GW solution to act as a gateway between its mobile network infrastructure and the external IP network.

The Cisco Quantum network monetization solution will be responsible for analysing the data in motion and helping transform it into profitable services through greater intelligence and programming capacity among the different operator’s access types.

As added value, Telecable is looking to provide service continuity between the macro-cellular network and the Wi-Fi network, offering seamless handover between domains. This is already possible by using the capabilities of both ASR nodes, so that the 3G network users automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network in the areas covered by Telecable.

Jesss Perez Iglesias, Strategy, Products and Services managing director in Telecable said, “Adopting the Cisco SP Wi-Fi and Cisco ASR 5000 solutions enables us to achieve this goal by optimising the user experience, making a smooth transition from WiFi to LTE and responding to future network demands.”

Santiago Lopez, Service Provider Sales and Operations manager, Cisco Spain said, “Cisco and Telecable share the same vision of providing the highest-quality mobile internet services, be that through 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks. We are delighted that Telecable has trusted our solutions once again to meet its customers’ demands while at the same time leveraging previous investments and monetizing the network by adding greater intelligence, capacity and performance over a converged IP infrastructure optimised for the launch of Wi-Fi services followed by 4G.”

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