Samsung Joins Government’s ‘Safe India’ Campaign

A nation wide campaign called ‘Safe India’ has been initiated to create awareness about safe driving on roads and specifically on the responsible use of mobile phones while driving. In the recent past mobile phone usages, including taking selfies, has contributed in too many accidents on Indian roads.

Samsung India today pledged its support to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ drive to reduce road accidents, especially those that happen due to irresponsible usage of mobile phones, including taking selfies on the road.

A nationwide campaign ‘Safe India’ to sensitize people about responsible use of mobile phones while on the road was unveiled. The new campaign film, #SafeIndia, seeks to make people aware about the dangers of taking a selfie while driving. This is the first of several initiatives that Samsung India will launch to educate people as part of the ‘Safe India’ campaign.

Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping, said, “India has the highest number of road accidents, globally and accounts for more than 50% of total selfie deaths in the world. Irresponsible usage of mobile phone, including the new trend of taking selfies on the road, is one of the major causes of road accidents. Please use your mobile phone responsibly, do not risk your life on the road.”

In India, one road accident fatality happens every four minutes. Not only does the country have the highest number of road accidents globally, according to a report by Carnegie Mellon University, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi and National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, the country accounts for over 50% of selfie-related fatalities in the world today. State and local governments across the country are now concerned about the growing number of accidents triggered by people taking selfies while walking on the road, riding two-wheelers or driving cars.

“As a market leader, it is our duty to step forward and support the government’s vision of reducing road accidents caused by irresponsible usage of mobile phones. Apart from this campaign video that will sensitize consumers, Samsung will take up this cause through a series of high-impact initiatives going forward under the ‘Safe India’ campaign. Samsung also offers safe mobility apps on its smartphones which encourage people to use them responsibly, while on the road,” said Deepak Bhardwaj, Vice President, CSR, Samsung India.

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