Tarang Sanchar Portal On Telecom Towers Radiation Launched

Government of India today launched a web portal to offer information about EMF radiations emitted by telecom towers in the country. Sector ministry, Department of Telecom (DoT), hoped that the fears associated with telecom tower radiations will now be displaced as the portal will offer real time information about the radiations from each tower.

The portal, www.tarangsanchar.gov.in, tracks all the telecom towers in the country and tells the public about the type of tower – like 2G, 3G or 4G, and also its structure like whether its a ground based tower, roof mounted or wall mounted. It also offers information on the amount of radiation from each tower.

A total of 4,45,700 towers from all the service providers are integrated into the portal and 14,64,662 BTS (base stations) are tracked to collect the information on EMF radiation.

“Hope this portal helps in removing fears among public that radiation from telecom towers is harmful,” telecom minister Manoj Sinha said while launching the portal in New Delhi.

“There have been no evidence radiation from telecom towers are harmful and a certain section of people are spreading these lies among public for their ulterior motive,” he added.

Besides the general information about telecom towers and its radiation, and if the public is not convinced that towers are not emitting harmful radiation, they can request for an investigation for any specific tower by paying Rs 4,000. The concerned team, TERM Cell of DoT, will visit the site and do all possible checks and share the information with the applicant.

The Tarang Sanchar is one of its kind portal in the world and is the largest such resource to offer telecom towers and radiation related information to the public. The tower and its radiation information are provided by each service provider and incorporated onto the portal. The information is self attested by each service provider and the TERM Cell of DoT does check the authenticity of the data on a regular basis.

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