The Story Behind Airtel’s Fastest Network Claim

If Ookla certifies Airtel of having the fastest network in the country, there’s story behind it. And a lot of hard work too. The operator has set up more cellular sites in last two years than it has done in last 2o years or since it became operational. Airtel’s investment story in last 2 years also shares a similar sentiment.

According to the company 180,000 cellular sites in last two years in order to improve the network strength and offer wider coverage.

The company today said it has doubled its mobile network deployment over the past two years in line with its objective of building a future ready network to lead India’s data growth story.

In November 2015, Airtel launched Project Leap, its nationwide network transformation program to build a future ready network. The Company has committed an investment of Rs 60,000 crores over three years under this program.

Airtel has also doubled its overall transmission capacity and increased the mobile backhaul capacity by eight times to roll out high speed broadband network with 4G and 3G coverage in all 22 telecom circles. This deployment has been supported by addition of 14,500+ KM of fibre to Airtel’s national fibre backbone along with 3666 new fibre POP nodes (highest ever deployed in Airtel network in single year).

“Airtel has been at the forefront of India’s telecom growth story and this record deployment underlines our commitment to building a world-class network of the future that will serve a digital India. This deployment will leverage our spectrum capacity and is yet another benchmark by Airtel in execution excellence. We are now in a position to ramp up future capacity on this network very quickly, giving us unmatched reach and agility. I want to thank our network partners for their support in this deployment,” said Abhay Savargaonkar, Director- Networks, Bharti Airtel.

Airtel has been rated as the fastest mobile network in India by Ookla –the globally recognized leader in mobile speed tests and also a benchmark for reputed global operators.

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