SK Telecom plans LTE-A service in 2nd half, 2014

SK Telecom plans to to launch LTE-Advanced service in the second half of 2014 using 20 MHz in 1.8 GHz band and 10 MHz in 800 MHz band.

The company today demonstrated the upgraded LTE-Advanced service that offers up to 225 Mbps of speed by aggregating 20 MHz bandwidth in 1.8 GHz band and 10 MHz bandwidth in 800 MHz band.

LTE can only offer up to 150 Mbps of speeds using a maximum of 20 MHz of continuous spectrum in one band, while LTE-Advanced can support speeds over 150 Mbps by combining different bands through Carrier Aggregation (CA).

In June 2013, SK Telecom has commercialized, for the first time in the world, LTE-Advanced service using 10 MHz bandwidth in 1.8 GHz band and 10 MHz bandwidth in 800 MHz band. Backed by a wide range of mobile value added services specially designed for the LTE-Advanced network, and a rich lineup of LTE-Advanced capable devices (8 different smartphone models), SK Telecom’s LTE-Advanced service is attracting subscribers at a rapid pace.

Moreover, on August 30, 2013, SK Telecom has gained authorization to operate the 35 MHz bandwidth (20 downlink + 15 uplink) in 1.8 GHz band, and immediately launched diverse measures to strengthen both its LTE and LTE-Advanced services by utilizing the newly acquired bandwidth.

Once SK Telecom commercializes the upgraded LTE-Advanced (20 MHz + 10 MHz), customers will be able to download an 800 MB movie in just 28 seconds, significantly faster than other networks. Measured at their maximum speeds, downloading the same movie file via 3G, LTE, and the existing LTE-Advanced (10 MHz + 10 MHz) would take 7 minutes and 24 seconds, 1 minute and 25 seconds and 43 seconds respectively.

The company said that it expects to launch the ‘20 MHz + 10 MHz’ LTE-Advanced service nationwide through smartphones in the second half of 2014 as the smartphone chipset that supports 225 Mbps of speeds is currently being developed.

Furthermore, by successfully demonstrating the ‘20 MHz + 10 MHz’ CA, SK Telecom moves one step closer to realizing the next level of LTE-Advanced technology: Aggregating three component carriers (20 MHz + 10 MHz + 10 MHz) to support up to 300 Mbps speed.

Alex Jinsung Choi, executive vice president and head of ICT R&D Division, SK Telecom said, “SK Telecom has been leading the development of wireless networks since it commercialized CDMA (2G) technology for the world’s first time in 1996. Today’s successful demonstration of 225 Mbps LTE-Advanced will serve as a momentum for SK Telecom to realize more innovative network technologies, which will also lead to the growth of relevant industries, including device, content and convergence fields.”

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