SK Telecom join hands with Ericsson for small cell

In line with its SUPER Cell Strategy, SK Telecom together with Ericsson has successfully developed the world’s first technology that removes quality degrading factors in the small cell environment.

The comoany has successfully developed the world’s first technology that removes the need for inter-cell handover, the main cause of  quality degradation in the small cell environment, under cooperation with Ericsson.

Named ‘Handover-Free Cell,’ the technology ensures improved cell system capacity and high quality voice/data transmission, even in cell boundary areas, through adaptive coordination between base station and mobile terminal, depending on the terminal location.

When a terminal is located in a cell edge, multiple base stations adjacent to the terminal jointly transmit the same signal to it, thus removing the need for inter-cell handover.

The key enabling technology behind Handover-Free Cell is Transmission Mode 9 (TM-9), a core LTE-Advanced technology that defines the transmission between mobile devices and base stations. SK Telecom said that the technology has proven to improve the transmission rate by 1.5 to 2 times, and total cell system capacity by 5 to 10 percent.

SK Telecom plans to deploy the technology to its mobile network in the first half of 2014.

“SK Telecom is delighted to announce the successful development of Handover-Free Cell and Reduced-Power Subframe technologies achieved through aggressive efforts with Ericsson,” said Choi Jin-sung, executive vice president and head of ICT R&D Division at SK Telecom.

“With these technologies, SK Telecom is one step closer to realizing the vision of SUPER Cell, while securing a differentiated competitive edge in the global mobile market,” added Jin-sung.

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