Shentel launches 100G network

Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, a leading regional US telecommunications service provider has launched 100G network.

The operator has launched Cisco’s Coherent DWDM technology to support 100 Gbps speeds to its subscribers throughout Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. The Cisco ASR 9000 Series router will provide resilient high-speed IP services.

Shentel, the first service provider to deploy Cisco’s 100G network solution within Virginia and West Virginia, will be able to offer multiple 10G or 100G wavelength services.

Since deploying  its 100G network in July 2013, Shentel is able to deliver more bandwidth to meet business and residential customers’ current and expected demands for voice, data, video and cloud services. The optimized network provides a variety of on-demand 100G services, including seamless 10G or 100G hand-off.

Shentel updated its existing Cisco network to 100G coherent DWDM, which offers plug-and-play-like functionality that can be configured to meet a customer’s demand for bandwidth. This elastic core is optimized to provide multiple 100G support, as required,  and supports customer demand for multiple 10G service on-demand.

As Shentel continues to build or partner to expand its fiber network, the company’s highly flexible and scalable new Multi-Degree Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (MD-ROADM) DWDM 100G network can be expanded further into its Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland markets quickly and without requiring new hardware.

Recognizing the continuing rapid growth of IP traffic on its network, Shentel has begun deploying the Cisco ASR 9000 platform. Since the first deployment in 2010, Shentel has been upgrading its Cisco7600 network to the ASR 9000. The Cisco ASR 9000 will serve as the foundation for next-generation Carrier Ethernet networks, providing up to 96 terabits (Tbps) per system, allowing Cisco to evolve its service provider architecture to deliver capabilities for the Next-Generation Internet, which must be more mobile, more visual, more virtual, and more simple to manage.

This architecture will allow carriers to monetize new, profitable services; optimize network performance and efficiency; reduce operational costs and complexity and enhance customer experiences.

The 100G DWDM solution is based on coherent optical technology, powered by Cisco’s nLight Silicon. It provides the capability to transmit up to 100G wavelengths over fully uncompensated networks, up to 3,000 km optical spans without regeneration.

Ed McKay, vice president of Engineering & Planning, Shentel said, “We are continually trying to ensure we deliver the fastest, most reliable and most advanced services to our subscribers.  Our transition to 100G was not a question of when – we recognized the need to act now and as a result are among the first regional service providers in the US to deliver 100G speeds. The transition is already paying off through our ability to test and deploy new services quickly.”

Earle MacKenzie, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Shentel said, “The service provider industry faces many complicated challenges, and our technology infrastructure is core to alleviating those issues, as well as positioning us to capitalize on new business opportunities. We have taken an architectural approach for our network infrastructure to ensure we can continue to obtain value from our initial investment and to scale seamlessly and quickly.”

Sri Hosakote, vice president and general manager, High-end Routing and Optical group, Cisco said, “The rapid pace of M2M connectivity across people, places and things, in addition to continued demand for high-bandwidth content, requires service providers to rethink their technology infrastructures to ensure they remain relevant.”

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