SFR launches commercial 4G LTE services in Paris

SFR has become the first operator to introduce commercial 4G LTE services in Paris.

After deploying its LTE network across many other cities in France, Nokia Solutions and Networks has now built the operator’s 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network in Paris. NSN has deployed its Liquid Radio technology to help SFR ensure a superior experience for its customers and address its ever-growing capacity requirements. Subscribers in Paris now have access to a host of ultra-fast broadband services.

“This project is an important landmark in our long-term partnership with SFR,” said Benoit Duchene, head of the SFR customer business team at NSN.

“SFR’s customers in Paris can now enjoy a mobile broadband experience that’s unmatched-in terms of latency, speed and the range of services available. We are committed to helping SFR in its endeavour to evolve towards networks capable of monetizing future opportunities,” added Duchene.

Under the contract, NSN has provided its Single RAN (radio access network) based on its award-winning, compact and high-capacity Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station platform, capable of enabling data transfer speeds above 100 Mbps. The Flexi Multiradio Base Station can also be made LTE-Advanced capable with a simple software upgrade.

In line with SFR’s requirements, NSN’s Flexi Multiradio Base Station platform’s optimum size and low carbon footprint enable flexible installation and scalability-factors that are crucial to ensure successful deployment in Paris, a city with multiple deployment constraints, dense population and heavy consumption of mobile data traffic.

NSN has also supplied its NetAct network management system to ensure consolidated configuration, monitoring, management and optimization for SFR’s network.

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