Revenue of telecom services on upward move : Govt

indian-telecom-revenueRevenue of telecom services in India is growing for the last three years and the trend is on an upward move for the same period, government ascertained on Thursday.

The revenue of telecom services in FY2011-12 was at Rs 1,85,930 crore compared to Rs 1,66,752 crore in FY2010-11 showing a growth of 11.5%, whereas in FY2012-13 it grew by 8.68% to touch Rs 2,02,074 crore from its previous year.

“There are positive growth trends in the revenue of telecom services sector in the last three years,” said telecom minister Kapil Sibal in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha.

The good news is, the debt of the industry is on a southward movement for the period in review.

The debt position of the Indian telecom services sector for FY2010-11 was Rs 1,82,090 crore, whereas for FY11-12 it touched Rs 2,07,982 crore and for FY2012-13 the debt touched Rs 2,07,982 crore. The growth rate of the debt has come down by 3.26% in last year.

The minister also said that during the last three years various schemes have been launched to make telecom services reachable to the masses. He cited the example of National optic fiber network (NOFN) which is envisaged to connect 2,50,00 gram panchayats for providing broadband connectivity as one such project. He also said that various schemes have been implemented in rural & remote areas with the financial support from Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) to improve the telecom growth.

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