Reliance Jio Launches Jio Chat, Competes with WhatsApp

Reliance-Jio-Launches-Jio-ChatReliance Jio, a pan India BWA (broadband wireless access) operator has launched Jio Chat, a cross platform messaging app.

The app is presently free and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Jio Chat provides all basic functionalities of WhatsApp with some additional features.

Commenting on Jio Chat, Sunil Tirumalai of Credit Suisse said, “Unlike other operator driven apps, Jio Chat attacks traditional operator revenue models by offering free voice and SMS (only data charges consumed) from the beginning.”

“On the basic voice calling facility, we believe the clarity and latency are quite close to normal voice (and better than that of apps like Viber). The data consumed for a call amounts to Rs 0.24 per minute on Jio Chat on prevailing data tariffs compared to Rs 0.65-0.70 per minute regular outgoing call rates in the market. If Jio launches with lower data tariffs then the comparison could be even more attractive for the customer,” adds Tirumalai.

Jio Chat Features

Free SMS: Text messages to Jio Chat users are free on the app (only carrier data consumption charges apply). Jio Chat also allows free texting to non-Jio users through simple SMS platform. Each SMS incurs a termination charge of Rs 0.02 per SMS.

Video calling: Jio Chat takes voice calling one step further and offers video call facilities.

Voice conferencing and notes: The app allows conference calls among multiple users, and also offers voice message features.

Jio Drive: It allows users to store photos/videos from the app onto Jio’s own cloud service.

Channels: The app has a ‘Channels’ section that features portals by various brands.

Other features: There is an in-app doodling feature – that allows the user to scribble/draw on an existing photograph before send it across.
Source: Credit Suisse

“We see this launch as the initial step in building the brand around Jio, and expect some more products in the coming months (co-branded handsets, online music stores, branded WiFi hotspots etc) before the actual 4G launch. More importantly, this app release suggests to us that the final 4G launch is not far away (probably just a few months away) – and quite contrary to recent street comments about a delay till mid-2016,” added Tirumalai.

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  1. Bhushan Kohli says:

    From where ,we can upload this app? pl give details.

  2. JK CSC Association says:

    Please clarify how to assign or add admin roles in Jio Groups.

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