Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 : Powering Next Gen Flagship Smartphones

Qualcomm recently hosted its Snapdragon Technology Summit at Hawaii. The most awaited announcement of this year was the company’s latest chipset Snapdragon 855. This chipset is expected to power lots of premium devices next year.

So the new processor is named as Snapdragon 855, maintaining the chipset maker’s mobile platform series sequence after 835, 845.

Initially launched in 2007 and powered the first android phone, Snapdragon has grown only more powerful  and became the preferred chipset year after year, according to a recent research. Consumers preference for this brand has grown dramatically in last 5 years. Moreover the little dragon now powering devices well beyond the smartphones.

We at TeleAnalysis are trying to summarize  how the new Sanpdragon 855 stands against its current SD845 and its rivals such as Kirin 980 and Apple A12.

Performance in a nutshell:

The Snapdragon 855 will boost 45% faster CPU performance and 20% faster GPU performance compare to last years SD845 and befier than the current compititions.

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The new Adreno 640 GPU is capable of 20% faster graphic renderence for sustain gameing performance
The Kryo 485 CPU is an octacore processor in which you get a 2.84GHz Prime Core and back to back 3- 2.42GHz Performance Cores, and 4- 1.80GHz Efficiency Cores.

The Snapdragon 855 represents the biggest leap in performance ever for a Snapdragon chipset on year on year basis.


Good news for gamers as the Snapdragon 855 offers what Qualcomm considers as “Elite Gaming”. The SD855 is the first chipset to support Vulkan 1.1 which offers a reduction in power usage when gaming. We can also expect a significant improvement in graphics, true HDR gaming now supports with 10 bit colour depth and over 1 billion shades of colour. So you can expect proper depth of field which will surely make your gaming experience more immersive.

Good news for Video streamers:

The video streamers fans are well catered by Snapdragon 855 that now supports 120FPS and 8K 360 degree VR playback, you will also get upto 7X power saving when streaming Youtube videos and Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive audio means low latency wireless audio, so there will be no delay or compromised quality when listening via bluetooth headphones.



The 4th generation of Qualcomm’s AI engine offers 3X performance compared to last year’s and according to Qualcomm it will perform 2X better than its competition.

Because the major AI processing now can be done on the chip rather than in cloud, that means you reduce the overall latency and will get more accurate results, because you are not compressing any informations which is images to send it to server and of course you will get full functionality when you are offline. That also suggests that with the new Snapdragon 855 the AI tasks will lot more energy efficient.

At the summit Qualcomm showed of some of the AI features that you can expect in next year’s smartphones like environmental noise reduction when you are doing a video chat or actively changing your hair color in real time.

And lots of camera applications improvements as we expected is now incorporated such as changing a pictures focal point after its been taken with much better results, also a resolution feature with will drastically  improve you blurry photo by automatically sharpening it, so you can now expect more crisp results with your smartphone camera.

Also they have showcased a Super Night AI feature which now gives more balance results.

Camera Performance:


The new SD855 offers strong support for your smartphone snapper. Qualcomm launched what they’re calling the world’s first CV-ISP, (Computer Vision- Image Signal Processor)with an integrated AI the new spectra 380, which allows much faster performance when you are performing object tracking and identification, and it will also be more power efficient when running. So how much improvement we can expect from this, if you say, depth sensitivity at 60FPS is now possible and 4K HDR video can be shot with portrait mode activated; real time object replacement also possible while shooting video; like change the background or remove it entirely or you can also freeze some part of video while rest  keeps on moving.

SD855 will also support HEIF(High Efficiency Image Format), and HDR 10+ video capture now supported too which makes video results even more true to life than the standard HDR, so it will offer much more details now. On the power efficiency on video recording mode, Qualcomm SD855 promises to deliver 30%less power to record 4K resolution videos than its predecessor.


Snapdragon 855 uses Qualcomms X24 modem which supports upto 2Gbps downlink over LTE using the CAT 20 band. This design mean that you will need a separate 5G modem inside your smartphone to use 5G network. With Snapdragon X50, this platform supports 5G for both Sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequency bands, promises  to give blazing-fast responsiveness and unprecedented speeds.

As for WiFi it now supports WiFi 6, which allows great array  of WiFi networks. Besides, you will get advance BPA 3 security, improve power efficiency in compare to previous WiFi tech, and it will all support 60GHz WiFi which allows 10Gbps downlink and brings wire-equivalent low latency. so good news for PUBG lovers.

So that’s in summary of Snapdragon 855, its specs and features and what you can expect in smartphones next year. It will excited to see how these all cool features will enhance the smartphone user experience with 5G.

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