Political parties to spend upto Rs 15 cr each on mobile campaigns this election

Parties like BJP and AAP are big users of mobile campaigns

As the Lok Sabha election is inching closer, India’s leading political parties are all set to leverage the mobile technology to maximize their reach and grab more eyeballs. Unconfirmed reports say leading political parties like Congress and BJP have kept a coffer of Rs 400 crore to Rs 500 crore on election campaigns for the Lok Sabha polls 2014. Of this, these parties along with others are expected to spend around Rs 15 crore each on various mobile campaigns. These mobile campaigns include reaching out to potential voters through SMS, out bound calls, inbound calls and missed calls.

“Looking at the trends in last assembly elections in four states, it is highly predictable that political parties will use mobile technology in a big way in 2014 polls,” says Vikram Raichura, MD, VivaConnect, a mobile advertising firm specializing in offering mobile campaign solutions.

“They are expected to spend up to Rs 15 crore each on this,” he predicts.


Vikram Raichura, MD, VivaConnect

VivaConnect has offered mobile campaign based solutions to political parties like Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and BJP in the past. Though the company did not feel comfortable sharing how much money political parties like BJP and AAP spent on the mobile campaigns, Raichura said his prediction is based on the past spent by these parties on assembly elections.

The out bound dialer (OBD) service is what voters in Delhi could recall when they used to get a call from an unknown number and when picked, it said ‘Main Kejriwal bol raha hun…’. It means voters would get a call and it would let them hear a recorded speech or poll pitch by a leader of a political party. One more offering that falls under mobile campaign is in bound calls. In this service, a telephone number is provided and when the voters call on these numbers, they can hear the poll campaign of the respective political party. A similar service is being offered by BJP and AAP currently. Under the ‘LiveTalk’ category, one can listen to Gjarat CM Narendra Modi’s speeches that were delivered by him in various election rallies across the country. AAP has also offered a number for its voters to call and find out what the party has done in its assembly election campaigns and during the time when the party is power in Delhi.

Raichura believes the mobile campaign is going to be a huge hit this election.
“Almost every voter in the country has a mobile phone and no political party would like to miss this opportunity reaching out to him using the most convenient route,” he says.

Besides BJP and AAP, many other political parties are also exploring the mobile campaign solutions and are currently in talks with VivaConnect for a possible partnership.

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