TRAI Asks Telcos To Check Reasons Of Call Delay In LTE Circles

Sector regulator TRAI has asked telecom operators to conduct tests to find out which LTE service areas face a call delay problem. The regulator has noticed that customers are experience delay in call set up in those areas where LTE network has been rolled out but VoLTE services are not.

“Where service providers have launched LTE networks but are yet to launch Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service, it is observed that users experience relatively longer time to set up voice call in comparison to the time required for voice calls in either on 2G or 3G networks,” said TRAI.

Putting it simple for users, the issue pertains to telecom circles where operators have rolled out their 4G network but yet to launch VoLTE services. In these circles, 4G users are facing delay in connecting a call. When they make a call, their call from a 4G network goes to a 2G or 3G network resulting in the call delay.

“The main reason for delay in set up of voice calls in such cases is due to redirection of user to another radio access network, different from the 4G network to which he/ she may be latched. User equipment has to perform certain functions to switch to this new radio network and set up voice calls,” TRAI said.

However, this delay is not under control of service provider, TRAI added.

The regulator, on this regard asked the operators to conduct tests in various cities and towns to find out where customers are facing such problems. The operators have been asked to conduct these tests in at least 20 locations in each identified cities. Further, 5 such cities have to go through these type of tests.

TRAI has directed the telcos to collect and collate all data related to call delay and submit to the regulator on quarterly basis.

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