Opera Mini on all Micromax Android devices

Opera Software and Micromax have announced that they have extended the time frame of their partnership to preinstall Opera Mini as an exclusive third-party mobile web browser on all Android devices launched by Micromax.

The two companies joined forces last year and to date Opera Mini has been preinstalled on over 50 models of Android smartphones and tablets shipped by Micromax in India, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. This partnership has enabled millions of Micromax users to enjoy the benefits of browsing the internet with Opera Mini.

Opera Mini is popularly known to deliver a smart, more social web experience at high speeds. It offers features such as Smart Page
notifications, Speed Dial website shortcuts, download manager, password manager, visual tabs, saved webpages for offline viewing and a share feature – all creating a smooth and fun browsing experience.

Opera Mini compresses webpages to as little as 10 percent of their original size before sending them to the handset; as a result, content is delivered faster, and users save on data costs. Consumers can monitor their data savings via Data Usage menu in the browser. By preinstalling, Micromax can make sure that its users get a smooth web experience from the devices.

Micromax spokesperson comments, “Through this collaboration with Opera Software, we are empowering our users with a seamless and faster web browsing experience, giving them an unmatched user interface on their smartphones.”

Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software said, “This partnership has helped us reach out to millions of people whose primary source of web consumption is through mobile devices. With Micromax becoming the No 1 handset manufacturer in India, there is a huge opportunity for us to equip a wide audience with the power of the web.”

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