Ooredoo Myanmar to launch mobile 3G services in July

Ooredoo Myanmar plans to launch world class mobile 3G services in the month of July.

Today, Ooredoo group has officially accepted telecom license to operate in Myanmar. The Ooredoo group chairman and the Ooredoo Myanmar chief executive formally accepted the license at a ceremony in Naypyidaw hosted by the government of the Republic of Myanmar.

Speaking from the ceremony, Ooredoo group chairman, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani said, “It has been an honour to be here today to accept our license. We look forward to working in partnership with the government of Myanmar to develop a world class network which brings the benefits of mobile technology to Myanmar’s people.”

The minister of communications and information technology U Myat Hein said, “On behalf of union government and the ministry of communications and information technology, I would like to express our confidence in Ooredoo that they will be able to meet their commitments and also contribute to the union government’s development objectives.”

This marks an important milestone for Ooredoo as the company remains on track to meet its commitment to deliver life-enriching mobile communication services for Myanmar’s people in six months’ time. At launch, it is expected that the company’s services will be available in a majority of the major cities, expanding rapidly to include rural areas and more remote communities.

In Myanmar, Ooredoo will offer a wide range of mobile communications services to enrich people’s lives that go beyond voice and data to include mobile money services, mobile health, services to support farmers and agriculture and targeted initiatives for women and young people.

Speaking from Myanmar, Ooredoo group CEO Dr Nasser Marafih said, “We are delighted to have reached this next important milestone in the development of a best-in-class telecommunications network in Myanmar. Ooredoo firmly believes in the transformative power of mobile communications services and we have committed to making next-generation mobile technology available and accessible to as many people as possible in Myanmar.”

Ooredoo Myanmar CEO Ross Cormack said, “Today is an exciting day for Ooredoo as we move closer to bringing the most advanced mobile services to the people of Myanmar, helping empower communities and people with affordable and easy to access mobile telecommunications. We are a community focused company and our commitments go beyond the creation of infrastructure.”

In recent months Ooredoo has started building out its 3G network, partnering with industry leaders where necessary to create lasting infrastructure which will support a next-generation telecommunications network. A network which will be future-proof, meaning that the 3G network infrastructure being developed will be able to comply with technological advancements such as 4G in years to come.

Ooredoo is also implementing its distribution plan, developing its market plan and has opened an official branch office in Myanmar ICT Park, Yangon. The company’s in-market team is growing daily with training centers providing valuable learning and preparatory experiences for customer champions and sales staff.

Ooredoo Myanmar will roll out these services using a large distribution network which will quickly reach beyond Myanmar’s cities into the country’s rural areas. The Company will leverage this network in deploying innovative solutions across 3G networks using 900 and 2100 frequencies, bringing data services to where there has previously only been voice.

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