NSN and Juniper expand partnership

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and Juniper Networks has expanded their partnership to cover IP connectivity for high-performance mobile broadband networks via jointly-developed solutions that meet the end-to-end needs of operators.

With the introduction of LTE and LTE Advanced, IP plays an essential role in mobile broadband networks. The new solution focuses on four key areas: Next generation mobile backhaul for mobile operators to support LTE and LTE-A architecture; Radio access security to encrypt and firewall traffic coming into the mobile network over the LTE, as well as the 2G/3G radio access network; Mobile site connectivity for operators upgrading or extending their mobile infrastructure; and Carrier-grade NAT for operators facing exhaustion of public IPv4 addresses and planning for IPv6 migration.

“Joint solution development with Juniper Networks ensures smooth network integration and high quality for our customers”, said Gerhard Staudenherz, head of OEM Products Business Line at NSN.

“Our end-to-end solutions based on open standards undergo thorough interoperability testing, which translates into cost savings for operators. Moreover, in addition to improving network availability and quality, our Radio Access Security solution is the market-leading 3GPP compliant solution,” added Staudenherz.

“The advent of LTE means that mobile networks have become focused on the transition to IP,” said David Fremaux, vice president of Strategic Alliances, Juniper Networks.

“NSN and Juniper together deliver an exemplary knowledge base and experience of mobile and IP technology. These four solutions build the best platform for mobile broadband operators as they meet the huge demand for speed, connectivity and security at scale. These are the first steps in the extended partnership, which we expect to deliver network infrastructure for future generations of mobile services,” added Fremaux.

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