Not 1 July, Airtel Started Giving 10 GB Free Data From Today

If you are waiting for 1 July to get that 10 GB free data from Airtel as announced in its Monsoon Surprise offer, you are making a mistake. You can get it now. The company has started offering the free data of 10 GB from midnight of 28 June.

For example, I have got mine!

So, how do you avail this free data before the scheduled date of 1 July? All you need to do is to send an SMS ‘Surprise’ to ‘121’ – Airtel’s customer support toll free number. Withing seconds of the receiving the SMS at the control center, you will get a confirmation SMS.

“Congratulations! Surprise gift of Free 10 GB data for 3 months_Surprise will be activated on your Airtel mobile within 24 hours” – the confirmation message will read.

And in less than 24 hours you will get your free data quota for the first month. The next two months’ quota will be added to your account with each billing cycle.

Airtel on last Saturday announced to hand out 10 GB of 4G data free to its postpaid customers every month for three months, totaling 30 GB. This was announced by Airtel’s CEO Gopal Vittal in a letter to its customers.

“As the monsoons approach, we are sending another shower of data your way. I am delighted to share that we are extending the data surprise by another 3 months,” Vittal wrote in that communique.

This free data offer, he said, will be available from July 1 and post paid customers need to check their MyAirtel app during that period.

This is the second installment of free data offer by the telecom behemoth. The first installment was announced in April when the company announced to hand out 10 GB of 4G data free every month till June.

The second installment of free data offer will extend till September. One never knows if the free data period would be extended beyond September.

Since entry of Reliance Jio in to India’s telecom business, incumbents are in a huddle to safeguard their existence. No other operator in the world has acquired customers the pace Jio acquired – 50 million in 70 days and 100 million in 120 days. The operator offered free data during the launch period and free voice call service for life.

Post that all operators including Airtel had to change their strategy and reduce their data price as well as call rates.

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