Nextgen completes 400G field trial

Australian network services provider Nextgen, have achieved a significant milestone with the first successful field trial in Australia of 400 G data transmission over an existing optical link carrying live network traffic.

The trial was conducted over a 350 kilometer route between Sydney and Canberra using Nextgen’s newly commissioned high-capacity 100G transport network delivering services up to 100 Gbps. The trial was Alcatel-Lucent’s first 400G DWDM demonstration in the Asia-Pacific region.

With Alcatel-Lucent’s 400G technology, the trial demonstrated the ability of an existing optical network link to transmit up to 17.6 Tbps equivalent to 266 million voice calls or the transmission of 88 Blu-ray discs in a single second. The trial demonstrated transmission rates roughly double those possible over an existing 100G coherent network.

Nextgen is currently undertaking a major upgrade to its Australian high-capacity optical network optimized for services at 100G while it explores technologies to meet significant new service and customer capacity demand anticipated in coming years. The ability to simultaneously support 100G and 400G services over a live network demonstrates how network operators can successfully manage the transitions required to support these future demands.

Nextgen’s 400G trial demonstrates the capability to effectively double the transmission capacity of its current high-capacity network, providing a platform for potential new services, such as high-capacity data center connectivity, and more economical service delivery of streaming video, telepresence applications and gaming.

Alcatel-Lucent’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch PSS with the 400G Photonic Service Engine (PSE)was the technology behind the trial over a 350 kilometer route between Sydney and Canberra. The optical solution trial successfully demonstrated Agile Optical Networking with adaptive 100G/200G/400G transmission on a live network through the live optical channel successfully adapting to different speeds, distances and spectrum.

Phil Martell, CTO, Nextgen Group said, “This successful 400G trial over a live network is another indication of our commitment to stay at the leading edge of optical transmission technology and our confidence in the equipment we have chosen. Nextgen is in the midst of a major network  upgrade to all Australian capital cities with a high speed optical network optimized for services at 100 Gbps and higher and providing increased flexibility and manageability.”

Sean O’Halloran, president and managing director, Alcatel-Lucent Australia said, “Alcatel-Lucent’s success with Nextgen is the latest in a series of successful 400G trials conducted this year in Europe and North America.  It was our first 400G DWDM demo in the Asia-Pacific region and, unlike those of our competitors, it was carried out over a live network. We’re very proud of our role keeping Nextgen and its customers at the forefront of the network technology developments that will support new service innovation and demand growth.”

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