New Call Telecom to Enter OTT Space

new-call-telecomUK headquartered telecom firm New Call Telecom is planning to enter in to the Indian OTT space. Last month the company had said that it is also planning to enter the Indian broadband market through acquisition and is in talks with few broadband firms.

“Besides broadband we are also looking at the Indian OTT space,” New Call Telecom’s CEO Nigel Eastwood told TeleAnalysis. The company, last month, had announced an investment of $100 million or around Rs 600 crore towards the acquisition capital. It also had said that it is looking at acquiring three to four companies.

When asked if this amount is enough to buy out 3 to 4 firms, Eastwood clarified that this $100 million is not the investment money but development capital.

“The acquisition capital will be different from that $100 million which is the development capital,” said Eastwood. “We will be using that money for further development of the companies post acquisition,” he added.

According to him the company is entering to India to get a foot hold in the country’s broadband market. New Call Telecom’s CEO Eastwood said he want to foray into all aspects of broadband, be it wireless, wireline or FTTH.


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