Neotel launches “NeoBroadband powered by LTE”

Neotel today announced that its flagship broadband service NeoBroadband is now also available over Neotel’s latest LTE network.

NeoBroadband powered by LTE, is a fixed wireless solution designed to address the need of the business customer to have business-grade broadband service that provides a fast and consistent user experience for small and medium businesses (SMB) as well as large enterprises. The solution uses a fixed installation to connect business offices via Neotel’s LTE network.

The network has been designed to optimize connectivity in order to achieve consistent and reliable connection and speeds. In addition, Neotel’s LTE is unique as it is deployed in the uncluttered 1800 MHz band spectrum and optimised for internet and data solutions.

Sunil Joshi, MD & CEO of Neotel said, “Neotel is using its LTE network to deliver efficient, stable, low contention, unshaped and uncapped internet to its business and retail customers as well as for last mile requirements. By using fixed wireless deployment Neotel can optimise the number of connections to each tower thereby delivering better speeds, consistent user experience and minimal disruptions.”

The technology and broadband market in South Africa is worth approximately R 5.2 billion in 2013 and growing at CAGR of 5.5 percent per year. The NeoBroadband powered by LTE service will allow customers to rapidly connect to the world with a high speed, reliable connection.

The initial release of the NeoBroadband over LTE is focused in Gauteng and offers download speeds of 2 Mbps, 5Mbps and 10 Mbps on an unshaped, uncapped package ranging from R 999 to R 2,899 per month. As the network footprint expands, Neotel will offer additional packages as well as make the service available in other regions in a phased manner.

With the addition of NeoBroadband powered by LTE in its product portfolio, Neotel is now uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of broadband services ranging from 1 Mbps up to 100 Mbps using different access technologies such as fibre, WiMax and now LTE with price performance addressing different market segments and user profiles.

“Neotel can offer customers speeds they need on a medium they are comfortable with and at a price point that delivers true value for the service they require. In order words Neotel can deliver a 100 Mbps broadband service over fiber to a large business customer having huge data traffic or 10 Mbps to a medium sized business over LTE or 2Mbps to a small business over LTE or Wimax or microwave. Neotel is in a unique position to be able to do just that,” added Joshi.

Neotel invested approximately R 500 million in capex over the course of our last financial year to expand fiber optic networks and enhance our ability to provide leading edge network and data solutions to our business and retail customers in South Africa.

Neotel has access to over 15,000 km of national long distance fiber and 8,000 km in metropolitan areas, which is seamlessly connected to the five undersea cables that connect South Africa to Africa and other geographies.

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