Huawei and Shanghai GM to Promote Interconnected Cars

Huawei-and-Shanghai-GM-to-Promote-Interconnected-CarsHuawei Consumer Business Group (BG) and Shanghai General Motors (GM) have announced partnership to promote the development of interconnected cars.

Under the agreement, Huawei’s telematics solution, which is capable of providing intelligent services including 4G network connectivity, location based services (LBS), automatic phone tracking, automatic emergency assistance, remote control etc., will be pre-installed in some GM vehicles.

“Vehicles are becoming the next mobile smart device after smartphones. Huawei is focused on creating the network communication capacity that can realize the interconnection of all things,” said Richard Yu, chief executive officer, Consumer Business, Huawei.

“With our experience and insights in the area of smart devices and through collaboration with industry partners like Shanghai GM, we are aiming to create a rich and quality smart car experience for consumers,” added Yu.

Shanghai GM is one of China’s most influential joint venture brands and manufactures and sells Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac brand automobiles in mainland China. As of early 2015, total sales in China from across the three brands exceeded 10 million vehicles.

The strategic partnership with Shanghai GM marks a further milestone for Huawei’s technology and represents the first wide-scale deployment of the company’s telematics solution in products from a top-tier joint-venture automotive brand.

An industry report by Telefonica remarks that 90 percent cars will have Internet connectivity by 2020, implying that network connectivity will become a standard configuration for vehicles in the future. Huawei is committed to becoming a key player in promoting the development and growth of the telematics industry.

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