Govt Sets Up Data Analytics Center To Offer Better Governance

India established a Center of Excellence for data analytics that will help the government in offering better services to its citizens by analyzing the huge amount of data generated during the governance process. The data analytics center is jointly developed by National Informatics Center or NIC and National Informatics Center Services Inc or NICSI.

The center is named as CEDA or Center of Excellence for Data Analytics and will be inaugurated today by minister for Electronics and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics (CEDA) is being set up with the sole vision of kick-starting and fast-tracking the adoption of advanced analytic and machine learning capabilities by making the Centre the locus of expertise and excellence in the field of Data Analytics.

“The data analytics center shall provide quality data analytic services to government departments at all levels by identifying appropriate tools and technologies and deploying people with right expertise,” an official statement of the ministry said.

Through its focused efforts, the centre aims to provide data analytics services to the government and help in solving complex policy issues through data-driven decision making so as to ensure effective formulation and implementation of various development initiatives that will ultimately benefit the citizens.

CEDA proposes to establish strong partnerships with academia and industry to ensure that the cutting edge technologies and quality expertise are brought in to help the Government take advantage of the booming analytic wave. The centre also proposes to build tools and technologies, in collaboration with academia and industry, which will provide quality tools at a much lower cost to the government.

As part of its service offerings, it will help the departments

a. Understand their business requirements and define their analytic needs

b. Identify the data sets that are required to meet the analytic needs

c. Determine access to the relevant data sources (both within as well as outside the government)

d. Build the required data analytic solutions

e. In integrating departmental data silos and deliver an integrated whole-of government analytics for an integrated policy formulation.

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