Cyclone Fani : Power Bank Sale Goes Through The Roof In Odisha

With the coastal state of Odisha hit by Cyclone Fani, what Indian Meterological Department terms an ‘extreme severe cyclone’, people were seen thronging to electronics and mobile accessory shops to buy power banks in case power supply gets disrupted due the cyclone.

Ground reports received from the state capital Bhubaneswar suggested that sale of power banks and other rechargeable lights has gone through the roof in the last 24 to 36 hours post the government agencies’ issuance of cyclone related warnings. The government had Wednesday announced that power supply will be hit if wind speed exceeds 50 kms per hour in part of the state.

Cyclone Fani is expected blow winds at a speed of 175-200 kms per hour and this morning the cyclone made landfall near Puri and the wind speed was recorded at 175 kms per hour gusting to 200 kms.

People were seen buying multiple power banks in one go.

“My entire stock of 2 months got sold in 2 days,” said Prakash Barik, proprietor of Sai Electronics, who has two shops in Bhubaneshwar.

He further added that people were not checking about the brand of the power banks, rather they were more concerned about the capacity of the batteries these power banks carry.

“Most power banks that got sold fast was the 15,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh ones,” he adds. “Ultimately, all got sold,” he chuckles.

Mohan Mishra of City Electronics in Kendrapara rued that he could not meet the demand because of poor stock.

“I was not anticipating this type of demand,” he says.

In Bhubaneswar alone, there would be more than 500 shops that deal with mobile phones and related accessories including power banks.

We are informed that all the stores ran out of stock within two days.

“It was war like situation here to acquire power banks, as it can solve two purposes – lit up some battery-powered lights as well as keep the mobile charged,” says Bapu Biswal of Saheed Nagar. “People’s primary focus this time around is to be safe and remain connected with near and dear ones,”.

The Cyclone Fani made landfall this morning at around 8.25 AM, reports Odisha Insider, and wind is blowing at around 175 KMs per hour. Power supply has been disconnected since morning and it will be restored only after the speed comes down below 50 kms per hour and the damaged grid lines are put in place.

He also said that shops are selling these devices at much higher price than MRP keeping the high-demand in mind.

A week back the state government and its agencies have asked the residents of coastal areas including Puri and Bhubaneshwar to keep an emergency kit with them and should include batteries, medicines, food, candle and match boxes.

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