Mobile data traffic will grow 17x from 2012 to 2017: Etisalat

Mobile Internet in Middle East and Africa will treble, and mobile data traffic will grow 17 times from 2012 to 2017, giving the region an annual growth rate of 77 per cent says Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, CEO, Etisalat Group.

Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, CEO, Etisalat group, the leading telecoms operator in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, today predicted a positive future for the telecoms industry during the morning session of GSMA Mobile 360 Series-Middle East conference at Dubai World Trade Centre.

During the keynote presentation, “A Digital Future within Reach,” Julfar said telecoms operators “have the ability to empower society and create significant value within economies like never before”.

He said mobile data is “the new oil” that will fuel business decisions and he expects telecoms will improve lives through connected cities and smart buildings, and digital governments.

The traffic and services that will be used most in the future are the free over-the-top-related downloads and argued that telecoms companies and internet companies working together in harmony and partnering with government would benefit customers the most added Julfar.

In 2011, mobile technology contributed $132 billion to the economies of the Arab States, or approximately 5.5 per cent of total GDP, and created more than 1.2 million full-time jobs.

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