Micromax Nitro : First Impression


Micromax CEO Vineet Taneja during the launch of Micromax Nitro

If a 5 inch smartphone with 13 megapixel primary camera, 5 megapixel front camera, 2GB on board memory, 8GB inbuilt storage space, running on 1.7 GHz octacore processor with Android’s latest OS KitKat is available for Rs 12,990, what would you say? Wow! Isn’t it? Yes, the recently launched Micromax Nitro is priced at that for the Indian market.

Micromax, the company that always claim to provide some ‘wow’ factor to the consumers launched the Micromax Nitro on Monday. The Micromax Nitro,  a 5 inch touch screen device with IPS display, feels sleek on hand and has faux leather at the back panel. The dual SIM smartphone comes in two colurs and is available exclusively on SnapDeal’s e-commerce portal. Both the company have joined hands for the exclusivity.

Besides the hardware, the Micromax Nitro also offers plenty of software features like voice search, Google Drive, Hangouts for video calls, smart contact prioritization etc. The Canvas Nitro comes with some other innovative software features like QuickLook, Smart Alerts, All-in-one camera widget and customized gestures.

Micromax Nitro : First Impression

The first impression, if I start with the price is, wow! At a price of Rs 12,990 one would not get many options in the market with such impressive tech specs, and certainly not from the good handset brands. If we leave the price for a second, what we have in our hand on a smartphone? Well, we have a 5 inch IPS display touchscreen with oleo-phobic coating means the screen will mostly remain smudge free. You wouldn’t leave your finger prints on it. That’s good. The back panel of the Micromax Nitro is made of faux leather. That’s good too considering that it did not encourage the leather industry to kill more animals, but why is the leather panel at the back at the first place? It does not fit nicely and appears cheap. Sense of sophistication is missing big time.

The inbuilt memory is limited to 8GB. Why? Why can’t you offer 16GB at the same price? The consumers would not buy the argument that once can upgrade that to 32 GB. That’s an industry standard now. The company also avoided using a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which is available in the market with some other competitors at the same price, rather the Micromax Nitro used a Mediatek one.

One big flaw in the handset, what I came across, is its shaky power switch. I’m not sure whether that is the case with all the units or I was the unfortunate one to get one such unit, but if that is the case, then it can completely rattle the image. Power button is the most used physical button on a smartphone, and if that appears shaky or brittle, then the company has to recall the model all together. Hope, its not.

Though we could not lay our hands on the device for a longer duration during the launch event, besides the price and the camera, the Micromax Nitro did not appear to be a smartphone with some ‘wow’ factor. We will be reviewing the device and come back to you soon.


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