Major restructuring at Huawei

Huawei has announced a major restructuring at the top to increase its revenue and profit for 2014.

The company today announced the appointment of Ding Yun as president of Products & Solutions, Xu Wenwei as president of the Strategy Marketing, Zou Zhilei as executive vice president (EVP) of Carrier Business Group (BG) and Yan Lida as EVP of Enterprise BG.

Ding Yun is president, Products & Solutions and executive director at Huawei. He has extensive experience in products and solutions as well as marketing. With his deep understanding of telecom industry, Ding is able to provide acute insights to Huawei.

Prior to this role, Ding was chief executive officer, Carrier Network. In 2013, Ding played an instrumental part in the carrier network business achieving CNY  166.5 billion in sales revenue, a year-on-year increase of 4 percent which accounted for approximately 70 percent of Huawei’s total revenue.

Since joining Huawei in 1996, Ding has served as president, Product; president, Global Solution Sales; president, Global Marketing;, and chief products & solutions officer. Ding graduated from Southeast University in 1995 with a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering.

Xu Wenwei president of the Strategy Marketing will leverage his extensive experience in product marketing and enterprise management to oversee the development of Huawei’s strategic marketing campaigns. Prior to this role, Xu was the CEO of Enterprise division.

Under his leadership, Huawei made substantial progress in increasing product competitiveness through innovation within the enterprise market, which resulted in earnings of CNY 15.2 billion in 2013, up 32.4 percent year-on-year.

Since joining Huawei in 1991, Xu has served as president, International Technical Sales & Marketing; president, Europe; chief strategy & marketing officer; chief sales & service officer and president, Joint Committee of Regions. Xu graduated from Southeast University in 1990 with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Zou Zhilei is executive vice president of Huawei’s Carrier division. He has been in charge of sales in China and international markets for many years.

Before taking this role, Zou was president, Global Sales and Service under the Enterprise BG. Since joining Huawei in 1998, he has served as general manager of the Guangzhou Representative Office and president of the Northern Africa Region. Zou graduated from Hefei University of Technology in 1993 with a degree in Microelectronics.

Yan Lida is executive vice president of Huawei’s Enterprise BG. With over 10 years’ experience in international markets, Yan has a deep understanding of markets and customer needs outside China. Prior to taking this role, Yan was the president of Huawei Japan.

Since joining Huawei in 1997, he served as vice president of the Europe Region, and vice president of the Eastern Asia Region. Yan graduated from Tsinghua University in 1993 with a degree in Microelectronics.

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