Keypoint Launches Intenticons For Xploree Keyboard

keypoint-technologiesKeypoint Technologies, the creators of the Adaptxt, on Friday added a new feature to its very popular Xploree keyboard for smartphones. The new feature is called Intenticons, a combination of ‘intent’ and ‘icons’, and the icons automatically pops up when the user writes something like food, shopping, cinema etc.

For example when the user types “Flight” – a pop-up image of Tour operator Intenticon can suggest flight deals, or when the user writes  food – Grocery Intenticon can help him/her find nearby grocery options. Similar option or Intenticons are available for multiple topics.

This new feature merges users’ conversational context with predictive imagery. These images – Intenticons – are predictive visual manifestation of users’ needs even as the latter gesture, converse or type on the keyboard. The images have been pieced together on the guiding principle of making information discovery on mobile more purposeful, sorted, and self-explanatory during the conversation.

“With Intenticons, we have introduced a novel visual trigger to assess and consume information at the tap of a finger. At that very precise moment within a conversation, which we call mobile interlude, it becomes utmost important to be able to switch to the information you need and come back to where you original are. With increasing usage of imagery language comprising of emojis and stickers, we see ‘Intenticons’ serving this very purpose for the Xploree consumers,” said KeyPoint Technologies CEO Sunil Motaparti.

The Intenticons illustrate the combination of intents and imaginative icons through pre-defined images. They are intuitive and indicative, capable of guiding users towards relevant content, offers and services – in the same frame, at the tap of a key. The Intenticons will help and guide the Xploree user in multiple ways, believes the company.

As of now KeyPoint has introduced Intenticons across 150 categories covering food, restaurant, grocery, fashion and travel. The company sees endless possibilities for delivering useful content to its users with the help of these images.

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