Jio Hits Back At Airtel’s Bluff, Invites DoT To Check Network

mukesh-ambani-jioThe Reliance Jio-Bharti Airtel  war of words is getting uglier with every new statement coming from either side. The Mukesh Ambani firm has hit back hard at Airtel saying the company is misleading the industry, after the latter said Jio is blaming other telcos to hide its network issue.

The new 4G entrant, in reply, said there are no call drops in its own network but more than 2 crore calls are failed in networks between Jio and Airtel.

“While there are over two crore call failures every day between the two networks, there are no incidents of call failures within the Jio network,” the company said in a statement.

It said the statements from Airtel are misleading and unfortunate in the context of the severe Quality of Service issues being faced by the Indian customers.

Inviting customers to try its network to check the quality of voice calls, Jio said it encourages all customers to make Jio to Jio calls to experience HD quality voice services without any disruptions whatsoever.

“We also invite independent third parties such as TERM (DOT) to inspect and confirm that there are zero call failures on Jio network. Infact Jio customers should encourage the receiving party to switch to the Jio network at the earliest so that they do not suffer due to such anti-competitive practices being followed by the incumbent operators,” Jio added in the statement.

Airtel had earlier said there may be problems with Jio’s VoLTE network and the company is trying to hide its network issues by blaming other telcos for the call drops.

“It appears that the constant rhetoric may be a ploy by Jio to cover up some technical issues in their own network, which is causing call failures, by constantly blaming other operators,” Airtel said in a statement.

But Jio said, being the aggrieved party as everyone is well aware, it is doing its best to work with all the other operators to resolve this issue at the earliest. There is no question of any delay, not even of a few hours, in taking any steps at Jio’s end.

Both the parties, earlier, had blamed each other for lack of cooperation.

The new 4G operator has also accused that Airtel is blocking subscribers’ MNP request who want to switch to its network from Airtel.

On MNP, there is no right that any operator has to block MNP requests, Jio said. Many of the customers have already been denied this facility without cause. We speak on behalf of customers when requesting that such porting requests should be honoured.

“It cannot be coincidental that all requests made for MNP to port to Jio network have been rejected by Airtel on unsubstantiated grounds and not even one MNP request has been approved, when Airtel claims that it ports-out thousands of customers every day across operators. It clearly establishes that this is being done deliberately when requests come to port to Jio network,” Jio added.

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