Jio Alleges Airtel Breaches National Security, Demands Severe Action

Reliance Jio has demanded severe action on Bharti Airtel for allegedly breaching national security while providing the Apple Watch services. The Mukesh Ambani-owned operator has also sought from the authorities to impose stricktest penalties on the Sunil Mittal-led firm for violating the license conditions.

In return, Airtel has vehemently refuted the allegations saying they are ‘frivolous’.

Jio, in a letter to DoT, has claimed that Bharti Airtel has not placed the required infrastructure to offer the services within India, which is a mandatory condition in the telecom license.

The Apple Watch service that Airtel offers allow one’s iPhone and the watch, when synced, to independently take or receive calls irrespective of the otehr device’s call status. Means, one can attend a call on the Apple Watch while the connected iPhone is already in use for another call. This is done through a eSIM or embeded SIM and the whole process requires deploying a eSIM provisioning node.

The Indian regulation says the eSIM provisioning node has to be placed within India. Jio alleges that Airtel has not done that, hence a violation of licensing conditions.

Airtel, however, denied the allegations.

“This is yet another frivolous complaint by a desperate operator, whose sole aim appears to have a monopoly over everything that they do,” the company said in a statement.

“Bharti Airtel is a law abiding and responsible operator. The DoT was duly notified prior to the launch of Apple watch including product features, network architecture and lawful interception and we have also requested them to carry out a demonstration of the same. All information relating to customers, network nodes etc. is hosted in a fully secure manner by Airtel India along with provision for lawful interception. We will be happy to share more details with the DoT as and when required,” it added.

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