Huawei, Samsung Settle Their Patent Infringement Case

Samsung and Huawei have appealed a US court seeking to put a stay on their patent infringement case as both the smartphone makers wish to settle the case on their own. Both the firms have filed patent infringement case against each other and the cases are lying with various courts for last two years.

In 2016, both Samsung and Huawei filed cases against each other accusing the other of violating their license agreements and infringing upon each other’s patents.

Huawei had tasted some initial success in one of the cases filed before a court in China when the court asked Samsung to pay a fine of $11.6 million for patent violations.

Samsung, in return, had filed a similar case in a Californian court seeking compensation from the Chinese firm. The case was set for a hearing for September this year.

However, both the parties, have moved a motion in the court seeking a seat on the proceedings as both the parties wish to settle their legal battles on their own.

“Appellants Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Huawei Device USA, Inc., and Huawei Technologies USA, Inc. (collectively, “Huawei”), and  Appellees Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics  America, Inc., and Samsung Research America, Inc. (collectively, “Samsung”), hereby move this Court, pursuant to Federal Rule of  Appellate Procedure 27, for a 30-day stay of this appeal. On February 25, 2019, the parties entered into a settlement agreement and, pursuant to that agreement, they anticipate that in the next several weeks they will complete the pending steps to finalize the settlement and ultimately that Huawei will file an unopposed motion to dismiss this pending appeal within the next 30 days.” – the appeal reads.

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This development is being seen as a very significant from Huawei’s perspective as the Chinese telecom behemoth has been treading a difficult path these days, primarily in the US and some other developed markets. The US has alleged that the Chinese firm has been found to be involved in theft of trade secret and violated some security concerns. Canada, another ally of the US, even arrested the CFO and the daughter of Huawei founder, on similar charges.

The age-old cold war between the two global powers, from all fronts – economy, technology and defence – took a new shape since Canada arrested Huawei founder’s daughter and the company’s CFO Meng last month on the request of the US. Though she was arrested and released shortly after, she continues to under house arrest and has wear an ankle tracker.

In January the prosecutors in the US levelled a pair of indictments against Chinese technology firm Huawei. Both the cases are serious in nature – of unauthorisedly entering to a testing lab and stealing US technology, and doing business with Iran defying the US sanctions. The outcome of these state trials may have political, economical and technological ramifications.

In the first indictment the US Department of Justice said Huawei deployed a well orchastrated plan to steal technology about T-Mobile’s robot for handset testing. And in the second case, the state charged the Chinese firm of defying the US sanctions and supplying US technologies to Iran. In the second case even the Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada and still under house arrest.

While Huawei refutes all allegation, it is interesting to see the ways the Chinese firm executed the T-Mobile robot theft. As per the charges by the prosecutors, the robot armrest does not look any less than a Hollywood script.

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