After Facebook, Apple Bans Google’s Enterprise iOS Apps Program

Apple on Thursday revoked Google’s enterprise iOS certificate for violating the agreed terms and conditions. This big development came just one day after Apple did the same to Facebook for similar reasons. Both the firms, Google and Facebook, have been banned to participate in Apple’s enterprise iOS development program, and the said certificate has been revoked.

What Is The Issue?

Under its Developer Enterprise Program, Apple allows developers to use its enterprise apps platform and develop their own apps, however, these apps should be limited to be used only by their employees. These employee-only apps should no way be distributed to anyone outside the organisation. Apple allows organisations who abides by this Terms of Service (TOS) to use its developer program. Both Google and Apple were party to it but were both caught violating the TOS, and are banned now.

First it was found that Facebook has developed an enterprise app that use Apple’s enterprise development platform to collect users’ data and conduct more research. Later, on the next day, Google was found doing the same. Both the firms were reportedly abused Apple’s platform and distributed these enterprise app to researchers outside of their organisation.

Facebook was the first to have its enterprise iOS certificate revoked and Google, though apologised, too faced the same fate.

Post the revocation of the certificate, it was noticed that most of the enterprise apps developed by Google, like Google Maps, GBus etc, for iOS devices were not working.

Experts believe this revocation of enterprise iOS certificate, for both the firms, is not going to be a long-term affair, as it is not going to do any good for the industry and developer community. All three firms, it is expected, will come together and devise a strategy to work closely, and with more transparency, in the coming times.

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