Mtel Deploys Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog

Mtel-Deploys-Amdocs-Master-Enterprise-CatalogMtel, the largest mobile service provider in Bulgaria has deployed the Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog enabling Mtel to reduce the operational IT complexity and reduce time to market for new offers by more than 80 percent.

The new Amdocs catalog has helped Mtel cut down the number of processes required for introducing a new product, including testing processes. These are now handled by the catalog’s unique, fast-track testing environment which only performs testing on incremental product changes, thus eliminating the need to upload the entire catalog database with each product change.

In addition Mtel was also able to ease search and filtering of product information and increase free catalog space by 95 percent, providing synchronization efficiencies and cost of ownership advantages.

“Reducing time to market for new offers was a critical business imperative for us to better serve our customers,” said Horst Pertl, chief technology officer, Mtel.

“With the Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog, we can push out even complex offers, with predefined tariff plans and discounts, in less than three days from idea to production, and continue to excite our customers in an industry where innovation is happening at a pace like never before,” added Mtel.

“Increasingly aggressive time to market business targets have significant IT operation and cost implications, a key challenge for service providers today,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president, product and solutions marketing, Amdocs.

“Serving as a centralized repository that consolidates and manages all products, services and their related information residing in the various business and operational support systems, whether Amdocs’, home-grown or third-party, the Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog enables service providers to cost-efficiently address this challenge and accelerate business value,” commented Prudhomme.

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