China Mobile Conducts First ‘Live’ Field Trial of NFV

China-Mobile-Conducts-First-‘Live’-Field-Trial-of-NFVChina Mobile has conducted the industry’s first field trial of a virtualized radio access network-based architecture based on network functions virtualization (NFV) technology.

The trial – carried out at Beijing’s Tisinghua University – demonstrated the flexibility, scalability, cost and energy-efficiency of Alcatel-Lucent’s vRAN and NFV technologies for meeting the dynamically changing demands for access from an ever increasing number of applications and devices, people and machines. This is also an important step in the path towards 5G networks.

In the trial Alcatel-Lucent’s vRAN technology was deployed throughout the 442 hectares of Beijing’s Tisinghua University campus, one of the leading universities in China with approximately 57,000 students and teachers. The trial provided both indoor and outdoor coverage and demonstrated the flexibility of the vRAN network, including its ability to dynamically scale network resources in response to traffic demands by the users across the campus.

Alcatel-Lucent has proven experience in both wireless networks and virtualization with a virtualized radio network controller (vRNC) solution in commercial service for more than a year, and has already announced virtualization of a wide range of network functions, including the evolved packet core (vEPC), and IP Multimedia Subsystem (vIMS), Content Delivery Network (vCDN) and service routing (VSR).

Dr Chih-Lin I, chief scientist, China Mobile Research Institute said, “The vRAN technology will allow us to deliver new efficiencies across our network as our customers’ data demands change and more devices connect to our network. We are interested to see how the deployment of Alcatel-Lucent’s vRAN will help us to smoothly evolve our networks to meet these demands.”

Glenn Booth, senior vice president and general manger, LTE, Alcatel-Lucent said, “Alcatel-Lucent is committed to delivering the latest innovations that enable our customers to get the most out of their LTE networks and enable a smooth path to 5G. This trial is a prime example of how we are working with customers to develop, test and deploy networks with the highest performance and efficiencies and the lowest costs.”

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