Indian telco deploys Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP

Elitecore Technologies’ Wi-Fi Service Management (SMP) platform has been deployed by one of the largest Indian telcos.

The SMP enables the telco to roll out its Wi-Fi services and seamlessly connect with 2.5G and 3G subscribers across major metro cities in India, offering both Wi-Fi access and mobile data offload solution to optimize its existing networks.


Nikhil Jain, COO, Elitecore Technologies

As part of their heterogeneous network strategy, the operator would be able  to offer its Wi-Fi services in combination with 3G plans thereby increasing subscribers’ ARPU (average revenue per user). Elitecore SMP solution offloads users from 3G networks to the free Wi-Fi spectrum through successful integration with operator’s HLR via Elitecore MAP Gateway.

Apart from optimizing the network and reducing  capex burden, Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP helps provide seamless connectivity from 3G to Wi-Fi for its existing subscribers through device-specific use cases: EAP SIM devices are connected through direct authentication, Non EAP SIM Android devices are authenticated through a mobile app connection client and other Non EAP SIM devices are authenticated through a captive portal.

The SMP will help monetize untapped segment of non-operator subscribers through voucher-based walk-in across operator hotspots complying with its future roadmap to extend Wi-Fi services across different hotspot locations like hotels, hospitals and retail malls.

Nikhil Jain, COO, Elitecore Technologies said, “The Wi-Fi services deployment reflects the maturity of our SMP solution which is highly evolved and scalable to meet operators’ growing customer base and monetization needs. It also allows high flexibility through multi-vendor integration to optimize operator network assets while helping retain subscriber loyalty through improved user experience at lowered costs.”

Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP through integration of EliteAAA with LI systems would help operator meet the telecom regulatory requirements for legal intercept for targeted subscribers/locations/networks by providing  session details. Its location-aware services  will enable the operator to  offer on-demand Wi-Fi access in the live  events by directly notifying the subscribers with their specific Wi-Fi credentials.

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