Hutchison join hands with Cisco

Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) has announced a collaboration with Cisco to launch WiseNET.

This will be the first next generation network for the Hong Kong public, using the Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet 2.0 platform. WiseNET’s ultra-low latency makes it a top priority among high-end customers.

A combination of HGC’s advanced optical-fibre network and the Cisco MEF CE 2.0 certified ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers (ASR 9000) makes WiseNET the first local public offering to adopt the highest Metro Ethernet industry standard to provide network service.

With exceptional scalability, carrier-class reliability and superior flexibility, the ASR 9000 is designed to simplify and enhance the operational and deployment aspects of service-delivery networks. The MEF CE 2.0 certification is designed to expand the Ethernet services, and establish standards in three areas namely Multiple Classes of Services (Multi-CoS), service management and interconnection, to futher ensure the quality of network services.

WiseNET is cloud-ready. This means cloud service providers can offer services to their end customers in a very short space of time simply by connecting their networks to WiseNET. WiseNET also supports voice and data application visibility, enabling customers to analyse the bandwidth utilisation by application types and facilitate more effective use of bandwidth resources.

Jennifer Tan, managing director, HGC said, “We are delighted that we are now collaborating with Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT, to launch the cutting edge WiseNET network. This not only meets the strict network requirements of data centres, cloud service providers and enterprises, enhance customers’ business effectiveness, but also consolidates our strengths in providing a more powerful and diverse network service.”

Barbara Chiu, managing director, Cisco Hong Kong and Macau said, “The service delivers a high-speed, reliable and highly intelligent network for high-end enterprise customers, as well as data centre and cloud service providers, to address their current and future demands. This not only accelerates the introduction of innovative services, but also solidifies Hong Kong’s position as a regional Internet hub.”

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